You are invited to participate – help us to help others?

Forgiveness for Peace” Music Festival – 1st annual US Grand Charity Benefit event on 8-9-09 and 2nd annual “Universal Forgiveness for Peace” Music festival on 8-9-10; a 24 Hour, 6 Continent, 160 Country event-Cable and live Internet coverage…….. 100% profits to Charities….

Helping to “Re-build Noah’s Ark & “Prevent Children’s Blindness/Cancer/Autism/Aids
LA LOCATION: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and/or Pasadena Rose Bowl,Seating capacity of 90,000+ PH: 888-339-FLAG

1. Better Vision for Children www.bvcnow.org a 501 c Non-Profit who provide programs of mass screening of one- to six-year-old children for amblyopia (lazy eye) and retinoblastoma- (eye cancer) with a digital photo screener. BVC Medical van will be at Music Festival. Also, available will be Autism test (CHAT) information and FDA approved home test kits for AIDS and/or pregnancy.

2. World Peace Flag Org www.worldpeaceflag.org 501 c who will use the proceeds from this benefit to help re-build an exact replica for “Noah’s Ark Renaissance Theme Park/Hotel” with the proceeds form Park(s) to help feed, educate, provide medical. environmental education and housing for the Worlds homeless. At the Theme Park locations we will screen children for Amblyopia, Autism Screening information, Eye Cancer and AIDS test kit. VIDEO FAQ click: http://www.motionbox.com/video/player/1c9adeb01d1fe392#1 or go to www.worldpeaceflag.org and click on VIDEO FAQ or click VIDEO button link.

HAVE FUN! HELP US TO HELP OTHERS Committees are being formed for 8-9-09 Music production – what area would you prefer to help with? 1. Artists-entertainment, 2. booth/program/concessions’ @sales commission, 3. Concessions’ at time of event, 4. stage/backstage help, 5. media Pr’s, TV- Internet- Ipod sales and development, 6 Celebrity auction, 7. marketing or any other area of interest. If interested return email or contact and we will invite you to our next meeting to be held in the West LA area.Watch for our Int’l “Forgiveness for Peace” Music Festivals Charity Benefit 08-09-10 Sponsored by: worldpeaceflag.org & bvcnow.org “Display booths available” Contact: support@worldpleaceflag.org


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